Greetings, Hope everyone is enjoying our wonderful Northwest early spring- 

Coming soon in the spring: Plant Identification Classes

May 21st or June 4th 1-3:30pm  cost is $20.00 each  

Each class will be slightly different as the plants will be changing in size , leaf and blossom.

We will identify many local wild plants and talk about which plants to grow for your health needs Dress for the weather outside.

You will each make an herbal vinegar to take and we will blend a nourishing tea for home use. This is a fun hands on class for all ages

call Wonderland Tea & Spice to register -360-733-0517 hours 10-530 

The class will include aprox a one-half mile walk. Taught by Linda Quintana owner of Wonderland and Alpine Herb Farm in Deming , the class will be held at the farm. 

~Linda and Terra Quintana

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