Forestgarden Notes

This space is dedicated to sharing herbal tips on harvesting and using wild and garden herbs. Season by season we will let you know the correct harvest times for the abundant herbs in our green Pacific Northwest. Get your pruners, sissors, shovels and baskets ready, and begin thinking about your herbal needs.

The gardens are in a state of abundance!Harvest all of the  leaves of herbs now before the cool nights and warm days begin to break down the quality. That includes thyme, sage, rosemary,coltsfoot, agrimony,marshmallow, dandelion leaf, monarda's, and ladies mantle. 

I have been making many type's of pickles, besides the standard vegetables try dandeion roots or spring buds, leaf and blueberries. Thyme ,oregano, sage and onions for colds. Use applecider vinegar to cover the herbs and put wax paper over the top under the lid. 

When drying herbs in the dehydrator try not to go over 90 degrees to preserve the volitle oils.

It's spring early summer in the pacific northwest, time to finish planting your earlier herbs. the dandelion leaves are tender and good in salads or stir frys.

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