Teas and Blends

All of our Teas are chosen for their high quality. We have traveled around the country to find the best teas to offer in Wonderland. Enjoy a cup on a rainy day to warm your body and soul.

We also carry a large selection of the Republic of Teas in tins,Harney and Sons in tins, and Yogi teas. Ask for your favorite one. 

Black Teas

Assam $1.60 East Friesian Blend $2.25
Ceylon – Kenilworth $1.50 Irish Breakfast $1.50
China Black $1.25 Pu-erh $1.60
Darjeeling $2.60 Scottish Breakfast $1.50
English Breakfast $1.50 Yorkshire Harrogate $1.50

 Flavored Black Teas

Apricot $1.50 Holiday –chocolate/raspberry/mint $1.50
Almond Cookie $1.50 Huckleberry $1.25
Blackberry $1.75 Fresh Lemon $1.75
Blueberry $1.50 Lady Londonberry $1.75
Ceylon Rose Congou $1.50 Lapsang Souchong $1.75
Chocolate mint $1.25 Lychee $1.50
Chocolate Chai $1.50 Mango Ceylon $1.50
Earl Grey $1.50 Market Spice $1.25
Earl Grey de la Crème $1.80 Market Spice decaf $2.25
Earl Grey Decaf $1.80 Tropicana $1.50
Ginger Peach Decaf $2.00 Vanilla $1.80
Ginger Peach $1.80    

 Green Teas/ Oolong Teas

Chunmee organic $1.25 Lemon Sencha Decaf $2.00
Choice Oolong $1.50 Lucky Dragon organic $1.50
Dragonwell $2.50 Lively Lemon (flavored) $2.00
Earl Grey green (flavored) $1.50 Moroccan Mint $1.50
Genmaicha (with toasted rice) $2.25 Matcha, Izu $6.00
 Gunpowder  $1.50 Peacock Fan $2.25
Gyokura jade dew  $3.50 Sencha $2.00
Hojicha $2.25 Ti Kuan Yin Oolong $1.75
Jasmine (scented) $1.50 Yunnan Silver Tips organic $2.00
Kyoto Cherry (flavored) organic $1.75    

 White Teas

100 Monkeys $4.00 Sow Mee $2.00
Jasmine dragon phoenix pearls $4.50 White Peony, Pai Mutan  $2.50
Peach Blossoms $3.00 White Acai Luminescence $3.00

 Rooibos Teas

Blueberry Bang $1.40 Rooibos $1.25
Earl Grey $1.45 Montana Gold $1.25
Key Largo $1.45 Vanilla $1.50
Lemon Chiffon $1.50    

 Chai Tea Blends

Rooibos Chai – vanilla Rooibos with our Yogi Chai blend $1.75
Wonderland Chai – China black tea with our Yogi Chai blend $1.75
Wonderland Green Chai – Chunmee green tea with our Yogi Chai blend $1.75
Yogi Chai- cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and black pepper $2.00
Yerba Mate Chai – Yerba Mate and star anise with our Yogi Chai blend $1.75





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